Sunday, October 24, 2010

September 2010 Meeting


Member M.O. and her daughter E. were the stars of the show in September. They graciously shared a program with us on wool felted soaps. The benefits according the internet, and we know it is always right, are

• Soap lasts longer in the shower
• Gentle exfoliating effect & creates a great lather
• Prevents slippery soap

Plus it makes a great gift. 

Here is the result of M. and E.'s efforts. Very vibrant and colorful. Thank you, ladies! 

A quick business meeting and we were ready for show and share. 

J.R. is our Wee Care chair as well as a volunteer at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. J. has a real passion for the NICU there. She made these darling quilted blanket and isolette covers for their smallest patients.

R.C. always brings some adorable garments she has made for customers. Cute, cute, cute. Don't you love the snowmen noses?

A.H. brought a doll dress made from fabric she used for her granddaughter's christening gown. A wonderful keepsake.

Our annual Auction is coming up. This year's raffle is an American Girl doll with a complete wardrobe. This month L.G. brought a darling black and white smocked basic yoke dress for our doll.

 A.G. brought a cute Halloween Bishop from black microcheck for our doll. And you know the days are getting cool, so our doll has her own hand knit cardigan to go with her fall bishop.

J.S. shared a gorgeous quilt she and another family member put together. The picture doesn't begin to do justice to the color! You think you have stepped into a New England Fall day.

Not only does M.O.'s daughter craft felted soap, she knits this darling column style dress. This picture does not do it justice either. Adorable.

S.K. is not only a smocker, she is also an artist. So fiber art is what she is playing with these days. The above three pictures are a compilation of what she had to share with us in September. Each one brighter and more spectacular than the last. There are a couple of examples of pictures done with wool felting. Great seque into our program on wool felted soaps.

M.T. really took our August program on felting to heart. She rounded up some wool sweaters to make these great totes with matching mittens. Beautiful.

If your chapter wants to increase show and share, do what we did. We offered an incentive. For each item brought you received a chance at $100 gift card. If items were smocked, entered in the state fair smocking division or for the auction they garnered additional chances. Our show and share has increased 5 fold. It has been wonderful.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

August 2010

August was a great gathering of the Spirit of St. Louis Smockers. First we gathered for dinner as a group then met at Wool Gatherings in Eureka.

After a short business meeting and show and share the owner of the shop discussed many ways to use wool garments for felting. And of course there was shopping. Eating, visiting,  inspiring and shopping. Could you ask for more? The only thing missing was chocolate.

We began gathering the contents of our convention basket for the annual SAGA convention to be held in Norfolk, VA

Need to do dishes? Do them in style.


S.C. and her embroidery machine have been busy. Complete outfitting for an aspiring chef and a preschooler in love with The Hungry Caterpillar. Always fun to see what S. will bring.

Need a cookie?

All in all, a wonderful summer evening spent with friends.

Friday, October 22, 2010

July 2010 Meeting

This poster was not able to attend the July meeting, so the best I can do is share the show and share with you.

First up are this month's contributions to the American Girl Doll Raffle. She won't be cold in these cute crocheted accessories. Hats, mittens and a poncho to ward off the cold.

For an older girl, this cute swirly skirt. Very fun!

And a beautiful smocked sundress, perfect for summer.

Someone has a sense of humor. A trio of colorful bra "aprons."

A sweet bonnet, smocked in pink. Perfect for any baby girl.

Three fun basic yokes. Nothing says sweetness like a basic yoke tied with a sash.

And then there was Wee Care. A project near and dear to so many hearts.

Each gown sweeter than the last. And obviously this was the month for baby boy Wee Care gowns to be turned in.