Friday, October 22, 2010

July 2010 Meeting

This poster was not able to attend the July meeting, so the best I can do is share the show and share with you.

First up are this month's contributions to the American Girl Doll Raffle. She won't be cold in these cute crocheted accessories. Hats, mittens and a poncho to ward off the cold.

For an older girl, this cute swirly skirt. Very fun!

And a beautiful smocked sundress, perfect for summer.

Someone has a sense of humor. A trio of colorful bra "aprons."

A sweet bonnet, smocked in pink. Perfect for any baby girl.

Three fun basic yokes. Nothing says sweetness like a basic yoke tied with a sash.

And then there was Wee Care. A project near and dear to so many hearts.

Each gown sweeter than the last. And obviously this was the month for baby boy Wee Care gowns to be turned in.

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